In a lot of ways, the industry is getting crowded. More and more suppliers are popping up all over North America as young farmers get drawn to the growing of annuals. Garden Centres and Landscapers are forced to scurry from one supplier to the next in search of all the affordable quality material on their wish-list.

What they need is to Plant with Sants. Here's why...


There's no such thing as too much selection - selection means you never have to settle for your second choice. You can pick up every annual on your list here at George Sant & Sons - all under one convenient roof - that's because we've just added even more varieties to our already massive production.

We like to know the more obscure products are just as easy to find as the standards. We strive to make our inventory as inclusive as possible and we're confident you'll find exactly what you're looking for.


George Sant & Sons has been a green leader in this industry for over ten years. When purchasing product from Sants you can be assured that you've received only clean and harmless material that you can be proud to display and sell. Our growing practises are some of the most earth-friendly in North America, incorporating every method (old and innovative) to make our facility as sustainable as possible. To read up on everything we do to keep green, please click here.

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